Turning Adoption Dreams into Reality

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Anyone who has negotiated a successful adoption knows that the legal process that surrounds adoption is a complex maze that requires dedication and determination to expanding your family in a “non-traditional” manner. If you are considering adoption for the first time, or even if you are not a newbie, Veitengruber Law would like to be by your side throughout the entire process to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Because adoption laws differ from state to state, it is extremely important that you have a good handle on everything that is required in order to make your New Jersey adoption successful. And while you must be sure to have a good personal understanding of the process, it is imperative that you work with a qualified adoption attorney to ensure that your legal pleadings are filed appropriately and on time at the appropriate New Jersey courthouse. Your New Jersey adoption attorney will also represent you in court throughout your adoptive process, so it is important to choose an attorney experienced in adoption cases.

During adoption processes, birthparents are also advised to work with an attorney separate from yours, so that they are well advised of their legal rights surrounding the choice they are making to relinquish their parental rights. The cost of the birthparents’ attorney will be your responsibility as the adoptive parent(s), but it is more than well worth the cost to ensure that your adoption goes off without any difficulties later on down the line.

When you begin working with Veitengruber Law, you will find us at the ready to join you in your adoptive process, regardless of whether you have yet to choose an adoption agency or if you are nearing the end of legalizing your adoption and have become dissatisfied with your previous legal representation.  It is important to feel comfortable around and to have a rapport with your adoption attorney because you will be sharing personal and private information about your family life with him or her. No matter what your needs are, our attorneys are personally invested in helping you realize your dreams of becoming a family.

Starting at the beginning of the adoption process, our attorneys will advise you on the best questions to ask before choosing an adoption agency to work with, like:

  •  How many children have you successfully placed for adoption in the past year? Five years?
  •  Exactly how long has your agency been in business?
  •  Can you give me references (parents who have used your agency and want to be contacted) so that I may ask them about their experience?
  •  What is the usual adoption process like with your agency?  Can you give me a general timeline of events?
  •  Regarding costs, can I get a breakdown of fees and when they would be due?
  •  Does your agency provide a translator? (if you are pursuing an international adoption)
  •  Can you provide me with details regarding how you abide by domestic and international adoption laws? Can you also provide me with proof that your adoptive families are also following all pertinent adoption guidelines and laws?

To learn more about how you can choose the right adoption agency for your family, and to learn more about the entire adoption process, contact us in the manner you feel most comfortable.  You can visit our website and write to us using our contact form, email us (george@veitengruberlaw.com), or call us directly at (732)852-7295.  We look forward to to turning your adoption dreams into reality.

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