I Need Help Dealing With a Difficult Creditor!


You’ve done the right thing by requesting a copy of your credit report – so, congratulations on making a wise choice! Unfortunately, upon reading through the report, you may have discovered that a company feels that you still owe them money, and it has left a mark on your credit score. As most people would, you’ve reached out to the collection agency in an attempt to satisfy the debt so that it can be removed from your credit report.

What happens if the collection agency in question fails to work cooperatively with you on the matter, and essentially returns the past due account back to the original creditor? Although confusing, this type of thing does happen from time to time. The debt may be so old that the collection agency no longer has any record of it.

Should this happen to you, your next step would be to make contact with the creditor to whom you originally owed money. Sometimes, however, even the original creditor can’t summon up enough information on older files in order to allow you to settle the debt. What then?

Other than leaving you incredibly frustrated, your actions to reconcile an old debt thus far have been thwarted. Wanting to remove negative information from your credit report, naturally you need to know what your next step should be if neither the collection agency nor the original creditor will help you set up a payment plan.

At this point in the game, there simply isn’t much else that you can do without the help of credit repair attorney in your area who is well-versed in debt resolution. Sometimes, all it takes is a letter from your attorney directed to the collections agency and the original creditor demanding that they either prove the debt and work with you on repaying it, or write off the debt and clear your record.

Staying on top of what is listed on your credit report is so important – precisely because of things like this that happen every day. You may be thinking that you don’t need to look at your report because you’ve paid all of your bills and debts on time. Everything should be A-OK with your credit score, right? Because of clerical and billing errors, mistaken identities, and false reporting – it’s always better to see it for yourself.

If you find any surprises that you weren’t expecting on your credit report, or if your credit score has dropped recently and you aren’t sure why – call on Veitengruber Law to help you sort it out. Our fee is often only a fraction of the money we end up saving our clients by negotiating their debts down or gone altogether. Consultation is free whether by phone or in the office.

Image credit: Steven Depolo