Budget Friendly Activities to Do While Quarantined

It’s been weeks since schools and non-essential workplaces started shutting down and many of us are starting to get stir crazy sitting at home all day, every day. Social distancing is important—but how can you entertain yourself and your family in the meantime? Here are some great ideas to pass the time without spending a lot of money.

1. Virtual Hangouts

Just because you can’t see your friends and family IRL* doesn’t mean you can’t still hang out. Free video chatting apps like House Party and Zoom are becoming increasingly popular for friends trying to stay connected. Have a birthday coming up? Your friends can still watch you blow out your candles and sing happy birthday. Set up a party on House Party and play some of their virtual card and trivia games to celebrate. Getting regular “face time” with people outside of your house is important and in the digital age it is easier than ever before!

2. Fun in the Kitchen

Always wanted to cook more but never had the time? Now is the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. With no commute to deal with, you’ll have more time to spend cooking yourself a scrumptious dinner. Learn how to bake bread, make a fun dessert with your kids, or try some new techniques. You can even host a virtual dinner party by getting your friends to cook the same meal as you and dig in digitally over a video chat.

3. Online Performances

With many artists and performers forced to cancel shows and even entire tours, some have taken to the internet to provide their fans with some entertainment. Artists like Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, BTS, Dua Lipa, and more have streamed free online performances. If you miss the club, DJs have been creating virtual raves and nightclub experiences. You might not get the full effect from your living room, but you can still get your groove on.

4. Free Binge Watching

Some streaming services are offering special social distancing offers. HBO has made some of its most popular shows, movies, and documentaries free during this trying time. Additionally, Broadway HD is a streaming service that allows members to watch hundreds of award winning Broadway shows. Right now, you can get a commitment free, 7-day free trial that gives you access to stage hits without having to travel to NYC. Keep an eye out for other free trials and content.

5. Get Outside!

As long as you can do it responsibly and keep your distance, going for walks and runs is a great way to stay in shape and pass the time while getting some fresh air and soaking up some beneficial sunlight. Yard work, hiking, boating, and biking are other great ways to get your body moving while keeping your distance from other people.

It can be difficult to feel so cut off from the rest of the world right now, but it helps to remember we are all in this together. By keeping yourself active and entertained with these fun and budget friendly quarantine activities, you’ll make it through the pandemic in much better spirits.


*In Real Life

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