Creative and Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas


Love is in the air this week and if your budget is tight, fear not! There are plenty of ways to show your loved ones you care without breaking the bank. Here are some creative and affordable ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special.


Gifts for Her:

  • Find some video tutorials on YouTube that explain folding origami flowers. Make a bouquet that will last weeks instead of flowers that will die in a few days. Bonus points on learning a new skill.


  • Find a recipe for DIY bath bombs and schedule an hour for her to use them. Prepare a beautiful bath experience with soothing music, a spa pillow, candles – and if you have kids, take them out for a bit so she can unwind in peace.


  • Bouquets of fresh-cut flowers are a huge expense, bad for the environment with their extra plastic wrap, and don’t last long at all. Instead, choose a beautiful potted plant that can be enjoyed indoors year-round like lavender or succulents. Alternatively, select a perennial you can plant together in the spring together like a rose bush. You’ll love returning to the plant each year for more buds.



Gifts for Him:

  • Print out photos of the two of you and make a collage in a frame he can fit on his desk. Glancing at the two of you all day will make him happy to come home!


  • Buy lottery tickets with numbers that are meaningful for you as a couple. Use birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, lucky numbers, etc. Watch the drawing together and split the winnings!


  • Skip the massage parlor and bring home a bottle of massage oil. Treat each other to a sensual couple’s massage without the awkwardness of a spa.


  • Download Cards Against Humanity card templates and create a personalized game for him using inside jokes and memories.



Classroom Valentines for Kids:

Many schools have banned food treats, so you may have to get creative.


  • Buy heart-shaped molds and melt down broken crayons into fun rainbow heart crayons. Attach a card that says “You Color My World.”


  • Let nature be your inspiration! Check out these adorable ideas using rocks (You Rock!), sticks (Let’s Stick Together), shells (You Bring Me Out of My Shell), feathers (We’re Birds of a Feather), acorns (Nuts About You), and pine branches (I’m Pining for You).



  • Beat the cold weather and take a trip to your local planetarium for a romantic night under the stars.


  • Make a valentine-themed meal together. Serve an appetizer of tomato and heart-shaped mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Make and top mini heart-shaped pizzas with heart-shaped pepperoni. Cut strawberries into hearts to decorate a slice of cake.


  • Get in on the paint and sip trend. These are affordable nights out where you learn to paint a chosen picture and bring your own wine for the evening. Choose a bottle you’ll both enjoy and a picture you can hang side-by-side as a memento of the evening.


  • Choose a few favorite movie titles and put their names in a jar. Pick out one or two for a movie marathon evening. Don’t feel obligated to pick a rom-com. To some couples, The Terminator is just as romantic as The Notebook.


  • Escape rooms are a fun way to spend your night. Get locked in a room with each other for an hour and puzzle your way out. You’ll learn new things about each other and have a memorable experience to share.


It’s easy to stick to a budget and still show those you love you care about them. With a little creativity your Valentine’s Day can be both memorable and affordable.

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