Should I Make an Online Will or Hire a NJ Estate Planning Attorney?

nj estate planning attorney

Today, you can do pretty much anything online. From shopping to taking an online class to becoming ordained, there is typically a way to use the internet to accomplish your goals. There are even online tools to help you create a will. When it comes to estate planning, a will can help you prepare for end of life decisions and prevent disputes after you’re gone. A quick Google search will provide dozens of websites designed to help you create a will in less than an hour. It is important, however, to know all of your options. Before you create your will online, take the time to make sure this is the best choice for your specific needs.

There are three main ways to create a will. The first option is to prepare the will yourself. While this option is free, it requires a lot of detailed planning and instructions. You need to think of every single asset you possess and the logistics of passing on those assets. If you accidentally leave something out of the will, your loved ones could face legal fees and tax consequences to try and fix the mistake.

The second option is to use a do-it-yourself online service. These (paid) online services will give you access to software that provides suggestions and step-by-step directions as you create your will. While these services typically charge less than an estate planning attorney, they will not provide you with any legal advice.

The final option is to seek the help of an experienced attorney to create a will. While this is the most expensive and maybe even the least convenient of the three options, it is undoubtedly the one that will lead to a binding, well-drafted will. An experienced attorney will know exactly how to protect your assets to the full extent of the law. The added human touch of working with an attorney will assure you get a will personalized to your individual needs.

How do you know which option is the best for you?

First, it is important to check the laws where you live. In New Jersey, the will must be signed by at least two witnesses who are required to watch you sign the will. The witnesses do not need to read the will, but they must be people who don’t stand to benefit from the will. If you are creating a self-proven will, you and your witnesses must sign a sworn statement before a Notary Public. NJ law does not require that you file your will with a government agency. Instead, you should keep it in a safe place where your executor can access it when needed.

The next step is to take an honest look at your estate and what your needs are. Take into account your assets, your family situation, and the complexity of the will you will need. If you have little property and small investments, doing a will on your own or through an online service will probably work out fine. But the more complex your situation, the more likely it will be that you will need the advice of an attorney when drafting your will. An experienced attorney will be able to provide expert advice on different estate planning tools that may fit your circumstances better than a simple will.

For most people what it really comes down to is cost. Obviously, the cost of creating a handwritten or typed-out will could be nothing or very low. For online services, the cost can vary from $10 to $600+ depending on what documents you need and the service you use. The cost of hiring an attorney or estate planner will vary, but it does tend to be the most expensive option at face value. But it is important to note that these professionals know how to get it right the first time and can offer invaluable legal advice that can save you financially later down the line. Estate planning lawyers are knowledgeable about tax considerations, alternative estate planning tools, legal requirements, and dealing with a variety of complex situations. The more moving parts involved in a will, the more money you can save in the long run by hiring an experienced NJ estate planning attorney.

When it comes to your assets and your legacy, you don’t want to have to second guess your choices. At Veitengruber Law, we offer personalized estate planning strategies. We can explain the full breadth of your legal options in plain language and help you make informed decisions about your assets. We will work with you to utilize the legal options that are best for your goals. Contact us today at 732-852-7295 for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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