Qualities Every Good & Ethical Lawyer Should Possess

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At Veitengruber Law, we take our profession and our service to our clients very seriously. A lawyer and legal team guide you through some of life’s most challenging experiences. You want someone who is going to provide you the best quality service, and work hard to get you the best outcome possible.  When considering a lawyer to represent you and your best interests look for the following attributes:

Solid Communication Skills

Laws and regulations are complicated, and often when dealing with financial matters, things can get emotional too.  Look for a lawyer that is willing to take the time to not only walk you through the process so that you understand, but can also communicate with the other people at the table.  Pay close attention to how he or she communicates not only to you, but staff members as well. You want an attorney who is personable – and you also want a legal team that works well together.

Affable personality

When working with a lawyer, you want someone you can trust. The best attorneys possess good people skills. Is your attorney friendly, clear, and a good judge of character? Your attorney should have values that you can agree with. Not every lawyer is right for everyone, so be willing to interview, ask questions and trust your instinct.


Often, by the time realize you need an attorney, you are navigating substantially difficult life events. Things may be uncertain and even risky. The purpose of working with a lawyer is to help you determine what can be done to mitigate those difficult situations. At Veitengruber Law, we specialize in financial justice. We are able to take your concerns, cut through the noise and provide clarity. We can be a guiding light during a difficult time.

Methodical planning skills

You want a lawyer with strong analytical skills. A good lawyer must be able to take a large volume of information and synthesize it into a concise and solvable situation. Situations vary from person to person and you need someone who can look at your situation from an objective perspective. This will serve you well as you go through your legal proceedings. The best legal teams work together to build on their past experience to find the best strategies for your unique situation.

Investigative grit

You need a lawyer who will do their homework. Research is crucial to finding a legal strategy to your situation. The best NJ attorneys know to look at the the needs of the client, and how to quickly identify the resources available. Most of all, they need to be able to do this efficiently to get the client answers as efficiently as possible.

A Never Quit Attitude

In all situations, there can be a solution. However, some solutions are easier to find than others.  The right lawyer will persevere though the adversity and keep you in-the-know throughout the whole process. More importantly, they will provide encouragement and an optimistic attitude to their clients, even if their case proves challenging.

Innovation and Creativity

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate. When dealing with difficult financial situations, you need someone who thinks outside the box. There is often a solution to be found, but it may not be the first thing you consider. At Veitengruber Law, we often deal with families in distress and at risk of losing their homes. Not only are we able to save, on average, 60 families a year from foreclosure eviction, we also turn that into a learning opportunity for our clients. We continue to work with them on budgeting and other financial planning, so they do not have to live through that stress again.

When you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, please consider these characteristics.  You will be well served by them if you do.  At Veitengruber Law, we do our best to embody and practice these values every day with all of our clients.

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