Help! My Bankruptcy Case was Dismissed!


In New Jersey, your chapter 7 or chapter 13 individual bankruptcy can be dismissed for a number of reasons. If you decide you no longer wish to move forward with filing for bankruptcy (perhaps your financial situation changed or you have learned that most of your debt cannot be discharged via bankruptcy), you can request that your case be dismissed. This is called a voluntary bankruptcy dismissal.

On the other hand, if the court dismisses your bankruptcy case, it’s called an involuntary dismissal, and the reasons behind the court’s decision are typically errors in the filing process. There is nothing short of a plethora of paperwork involved in filing a proper bankruptcy case, and every document has a date that it must be received by the court. If you fail to submit items on time, for any reason, your bankruptcy case can be dismissed*.

Let us be the first to say that we fully understand that there is a LOT of information gathering associated with bankruptcy, and that it can indeed be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never filed for bankruptcy before. Quite honestly, it can be very easy to miss due dates or to omit required forms and copies — IF you’re filing for bankruptcy on your own.

Almost all NJ bankruptcy dismissals involve defendants who are representing themselves, and the dismissal reason comes down to a basic misunderstanding of the bankruptcy filing process.

We get it: cutting the bankruptcy attorney out of the equation seems like a good idea at first. Most people have a lot of faith in their abilities to take care of business when push comes to shove. In fact, if you had a significant chunk of free time to practice and study up on NJ bankruptcy laws and procedures, you may be able to forego hiring a professional to represent you.

The problem, therein, lies with those people who simply don’t have the practice and experience that a bankruptcy attorney can offer. The best news here is that you can find a NJ bankruptcy lawyer who won’t charge you an exorbitant amount of money to ensure that your case is handled appropriately!

If you want to avoid having your bankruptcy dismissed and closed by the court (you’ll have to wait at least 180 days to refile if your case is closed) – leave the worry about meeting filing deadlines to someone who has been through the process hundreds of times.

There isn’t a bankruptcy scenario that we haven’t handled before. Helping people like you get a solid financial foothold is what we love about our jobs. In fact, we even have a bankruptcy specialist on our team who works in tandem with our highly successful bankruptcy attorney! (And, no, we don’t charge more than other attorneys because our team is amazing.) We aren’t in this field to get rich; we’re in it to help people. Give us a call. We’re 100% sure you’re going to like what we have to say.


*If you have already filed for bankruptcy without an attorney and your case has been dismissed, we can help you get it reinstated so you don’t have to wait six months to re-file. (732) 852-7295

Image credit: Steve Garner

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