Negotiate Your Way Out of Medical Debt!


Undoubtedly, one of the most stressful types of debt to deal with is that which you have incurred because of your health. Medical debt can be so frustrating because of the high dollar amount that doctors, hospitals and other medical providers charge for their services. And, although medical debt is typically experienced by those without health insurance, even insured individuals can find themselves in debt if they require a procedure that insurance won’t pay for.

In fact, medical debt aside, you may very well have a really great credit score. If you have large medical debt(s) that you can’t even afford to make a dent in, they’ll end up multiplying astronomically due to late charges, leaving you with an even bigger problem in time, and a very low credit score.

The most important thing you can do when attempting to rid yourself of medical bills is to become as familiar as possible with what the actual costs are of any procedures you had or will have in the near future. You’ll want to determine an average of what the hospitals and physicians nearby would charge for the same procedure.

Armed with the actual costs of the procedures in question, you will then be much better equipped to negotiate with your physician’s billing department. However, it is also essential that you use a confident yet kind approach. Explain your situation and don’t be afraid to make it personal so they understand your struggle. Ask if you can pay the same amount that an insurance company would pay for the same procedure.

If you are able – offer to pay the discounted amount in full. You can offer this before you’ve even had the procedure to avoid medical bills from piling up in the first place, or you can offer to pay in full (at a negotiated discount) if you owe money on a past procedure.

In case you meet with resistance regarding your request to pay less, press onward and upward. By that, we mean find out who the billing manager’s boss is, and call them next. If you still meet resistance, go even further up – even as far as the hospital’s financial CEO or the equivalent.

When you do arrive at a discounted rate that appears to be the best deal possible, set up a payment plan and get the details of the plan in writing. Be sure to stay on top of making your agreed-upon payments on time. This will make it more likely that the provider will forgive the remainder of (or at least a portion of) your bill later on down the road, when you should revisit the situation and attempt once again to ask for debt forgiveness.

Should you be unable to come to a discount agreement with your physician, hospital or other provider, it’s time to reach out for help. Veitengruber Law specializes in helping our clients find debt relief solutions of all kinds, including medical debt. While it may initially seem scary to owe someone else money while attempting to reduce your debts, your return on investment in our team is well worth it. The money we’ll be able to knock off your medical bills will make our fees look like chump change. Bonus: We’ll consult with you FREE of charge!

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