Can I Move to a Different State to Escape my Creditors?


Many times, people who are deep in debt feel as though they are being “chased” or “followed” by their creditors or debt collection agencies. You may be receiving a lot of phone calls, letters or emails requesting or demanding that you make good on the money you owe. This can be very overwhelming and can create a sense of panic in anyone.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that your debt is real and was, in fact, incurred by you. Even if you acknowledge that you do owe the money, you may not currently be in a position to be able to pay it back. That’s a tough spot to find yourself in, and one that may induce feelings of frustration. Although you may have thought you’d be able to easily repay the money you borrowed, sometimes our life circumstances change.

Is there any way for me to “escape” my creditors? Can I move away?

In desperation, some debtors have hashed out elaborate plans to move, without leaving anyone with a forwarding address, in order to get out from under the debt they owe. While it’s possible that this may result in a temporary reprieve from the constant contact with your creditors, ultimately you cannot outrun a debt.

In almost every case, a lender who has been shorted on money they are owed will report any non-paying debtors to the major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union). Once your debts have been recorded on your credit report, they will follow you everywhere you go. Your credit score will be negatively affected, and you will have great difficulty getting any type of loan, and in some cases – insurance, employment, and even a place to rent.

The better choice would be to face your creditors head-on with the help of an attorney, since running away will do nothing to eradicate your debts and will ultimately only make your lenders angrier. While it may seem implausible to spend money on attorney’s fees when you are already deep in debt, you’d be surprised how insignificant attorney’s fees can seem after your mountain of debt is reduced to mere ant hills.

Find a NJ attorney who has loads of experience negotiating directly with creditors. Look for someone who has a great track record, and whose past clients rave about him/her. It is your right to interview any attorney you may be thinking of hiring. After all, you will be paying their bill, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about their success rate in debt negotiation and credit repair. Be sure that s/he has experience working with cases that are similar to yours.

On the flip side of the coin – if you are considering moving because you’ve received a job offer, or if you simply need to move for other personal reasons – don’t let your debt prevent you from moving. You are in no way required to stay put simply because you are in debt. Just know that moving won’t eradicate your debt, and you won’t be able to outrun it, but you are allowed to move (anywhere) at any time, even if you owe money to creditors.


 Image Credit: Bill McChesney

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