Friday Five: We Can Do That!


We are simply amazed by how many people we’re able to help here at Veitengruber Law. It’s the thing that drives us, because helping others is what we’re all about. Today, we want to tell you about five things we do that could possibly be making your life easier, happier, or just plain better. Did you know that we can help you with:

  1. Raising your credit score This falls at number one because it’s SO important to have a good credit score! It’s sort of like using building blocks: if you don’t have a solid first layer, you will have a really tough time creating any kind of solid structure. With a lower credit score, you’ll have trouble: renting or buying a home, purchasing a car, getting insured, and possibly even being hired for a job. We have the skills needed to put you on a plan that will raise your credit score significantly within six months to a year!
  2. Paying a lower mortgage payment each month – The biggest payment many of us have every month is our mortgage payment. This can quickly drive many people to foreclosure as rising costs of living escalate. Luckily, it doesn’t have to come to that. Veitengruber Law knows how to negotiate with lenders in order to change the terms of your mortgage agreement.  If you’ve had a change in your life that has caused you to have difficulty paying your current mortgage (job loss, divorce, decreased home values) – we can get your payment down to an affordable number.
  3. Filing for bankruptcy – If numbers 1 and 2 above just aren’t enough to get you above water, have no fear. In fact, bankruptcy is our original specialty, and we’ve had many, many hours of experience helping clients through to the other side of debt. We’ll help you determine whether you’d qualify for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and we’ll take you all the way through to a fresh financial future.
  4. Getting your home out of foreclosure – If you’re tiptoeing closer and closer to losing your home to foreclosure, or if you’re already receiving notices – we are the foreclosure defense team that you need. If keeping your home is important to you (while making your payments more affordable at the same time), we know exactly what to do! We have several tried-and-true foreclosure defense approaches that really WORK. Our firm has saved countless families from losing their homes to a foreclosure sale.
  5. Planning your Last Will and Testament – In order to ensure that your loved ones don’t have to face arguments over medical, financial or legal details after your passing, it is crucial that you set up a plan for them to follow now, while you are still able. Veitengruber Law will give you a personal and customized estate planning process depending on your specific needs, wants, assets and more.

Hopefully, today’s Friday Five has helped you to understand some of the areas where our firm holds a great deal of expertise and experience. For more information about any of the above areas, or to set up your free consultation meeting, give us a call anytime. If you feel more comfortable sending us a message, simply click here. We look forward to talking with you and, most of all, HELPING YOU move toward a healthier financial future!

 Image Credit: W. Shein

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