What’s the Best Use for My Tax Refund?


Image credit: StockMonkeys.com

As we edge closer and closer to tax Day 2014, many of you have likely already received your tax refund, or are eagerly anticipating it.

Every year, the possibilities for your tax refund seem endless: you vow to pay off some debt, invest it, put it into savings or reward yourself for your hard work by getting a new, expensive toy or gadget.

For some people, all of these are acceptable choices. But for so many others, there is an even better and much wiser place to put your tax refund money.

You know the feeling. You anticipate your refund for months and months, only to have it spent in the blink of an eye. And, it can be a real drag when that seemingly large chunk of dough hasn’t had nearly as much of an impact as you had thought it would.

Here’s what we suggest: instead of burning through your tax refund with little or nothing to show for it – put the money to real use and hire a bankruptcy attorney.

Naturally, this choice isn’t necessary for everyone. If you have all of your affairs in order – major kudos to you! However, if you find yourself frantically looking around the hole you’ve fallen into, wondering how on earth you’re going to get out – what you really need is a fresh start.

If your debt is so intimidating and seems completely insurmountable, there’s no doubt that you need help rebuilding your finances. Are you able to save for retirement? Many Americans are so far in debt that they are unable to put any money aside towards their retirement years. This is a scary thought!

Picture yourself in 20 years, 30 years, whatever the number may be that puts you at retirement age. Now imagine yourself with no income, no savings, and potentially still paying off your debts! That is no way to spend your golden years.

While the thought of filing for bankruptcy may be scary, the image of yourself at retirement age with empty pockets should be terrifying. If you’ve considered filing for bankruptcy in the past, but hesitated due to the cost of a bankruptcy attorney, what better time to make the move then when the money you’d need is right in front of you?

With our help, you can start getting creditors off your back today. Instead of slowly chipping away at your debt while simultaneously being unable to save for retirement, turn that tax refund into a legal retainer and let us pull you out of the debt hole for good.

We make it our business to help you, not to take your money and sit on it. With reasonable fees, free consultations and an extremely compassionate and determined bankruptcy attorney, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Call Veitengruber Law today, and get started working on a future you can get excited about. (732) 695-3303


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