At any given moment, there are millions of people all over America experiencing financial distress for one reason or another. Unemployment, divorce, rising interest rates, and unwise financial decisions in the past are just a few of the major causes of finding oneself in a money bind.

And although we’d all like to think that money doesn’t buy happiness, the real truth is that, for most of us, money does indeed make the world go round.

If money, or rather, the lack thereof, is not a part of your life equation right now, your self-esteem and sense of self-worth have likely taken a plummet. Like any other stressor, lack of a paycheck initially can lead to things like: sleepless nights, changes in appetite, lack of interest in everyday activities, anxiety and depression. On top of that, any sustained length of chronic depression can cause physical ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and decline of overall health.

If you are currently dealing with intense financial stress, keep your chin up, because there are actually some important things to remember and actions you can take that will help you to prevent yourself from spiraling out of control.

  • Remind yourself that this too shall pass: Just as your mother or grandmother probably used to say, it’s true that everything bad eventually comes to an end. If you are unemployed or facing possible bankruptcy, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Take action in order to give yourself a sense of accomplishment on an every day basis. Taking the appropriate steps to turn your financial situation around will give you the momentum you need to create a financial future that is bright. Whether this means manually filling out job applications, seeking the help of a financial adviser, or looking for a bankruptcy attorney, the key here is DO SOMETHING. Make the changes.
  • Ask for the help you need. So many people are afraid to ask for help from their loved ones and friends, especially when it involves money. This is a time when you’re going to have to dig deep, put your pride aside, and get comfortable with humility. You may even be surprised to find that, sometimes, asking for help can leave you feeling more empowered than ever. Why? Because you’ll be (1) Taking action; and (2) Making yourself vulnerable with those you’re closest to.
  • Think about something other than money sometimes. It may sound difficult, but make time every day to participate in activities that interest you and broaden your life experience. Also, do your best to get an adequate amount of rest at night and exercise during the day.

Lastly, remember that you will get your life back.  There are proven strategies that can guarantee you a positive financial future. Want to learn more? Read freely through our blog posts about financial stability and debt resolution, visit our Facebook page and give our office a call.  We’ll give you a free consultation, and during that consult, we’ll help you determine which strategies will work for your unique situation. We’re here to help!