Does Your Flood Insurance Have You Covered?


Many New Jersey residents are still dealing with the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy; it’s been a long and slow road to recovery ‘down the shore.’  Now, Summer 2013 is ready with another challenge for the Garden State by bringing a new deluge of rain to the area, making this June the wettest since 1894!  July 2013 is predicted to be just as rainy, and the forecast has many New Jersey homeowners quite fearful of more flooding when it seems they’ve only just managed to drip dry after Storm Sandy.

Unfortunately, many New Jerseyians were not prepared for the intense flooding that the past year has brought to the area.  The hardest hit locations are along the Jersey shore, but many other areas have experienced a fair deal of water damage, too. Whether on the coast or 50 miles inland, what remains a constant is the unwelcome surprise that homeowner’s insurance coverage doesn’t typically cover damage caused by floods.

The vast majority of Sandy sufferers didn’t have adequate flood damage coverage, at least according to their homeowner’s policies, leaving them in a real bind.  In fact, many homeowners hit hardest by Sandy ended up homeless, jobless, and not sure what to do next. Luckily (we use that term loosely in this context), the counties of Atlantic, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union, were declared federal disaster areas by President Obama in October 2012, after Sandy hit the coast. This entitled homeowners and business owners in the disaster areas to be eligible for supplemental Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) flood damage assistance.

FEMA procedures and policies can be tricky to navigate, so if your property suffered seemingly irreparable damage after Hurricane Sandy, but you’ve been denied by the Federal Government, seek professional assistance in the form of an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with real property and flood insurance matters.

The current excessive rainfall amounts hitting New Jersey are causing new flooding issues that don’t fall under a federal disaster ‘umbrella.’ Although a new superstorm hasn’t hit the area, the intense rains that have been falling on a daily basis have certainly caused their fair share of damage. The difference now is that homeowners must deal with the damage without help from FEMA, and many people are finding themselves at odds with their flood insurance carrier.

For example, most flood insurance policies have pages and pages of items that are not covered, and many homeowners are dismayed to discover just how lacking their flood coverage really is. The number of insurance claim disputes is on the rise, and this number will only get higher as long as the rains continue to hit the area.

If you are dealing with property damage caused by recent flooding, and are having difficulty getting what you feel you rightly deserve from your insurance company, contact Veitengruber Law today to find out how we can help. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for a free consultation, and call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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