How to Catch up on Late Bills

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If you’re starting out 2013 behind on your bills, it’s understandable that you want to get on the right path quickly to make sure that you don’t end up in a downward financial spiral. Luckily, we have solutions to virtually any complicated financial situation, and even if you feel that there is no way out, there are things that you can do to recover your financial stability.

Taking a look at your monthly budget, let’s assume that you are able to pay your rent or mortgage payment. If you are struggling to even pay for your housing, your problem needs attention quickly and your mortgage can be refinanced to help you manage the payments each month. Your current living situation may need to be analyzed, and foreclosure may be an option for you.

However, since most people end up forgoing their other bills in order to pay their mortgage payment, that will be the problem that we are addressing today.

Dealing with late fees on top of bills that you already cannot afford can end up increasing your monthly bills by hundreds of dollars, digging your debt hole deeper and deeper. This alone is reason enough to get caught up on your past due amounts, especially if you are significantly behind.

The best way to start digging yourself out of your situation is to start with one bill at a time and pay your past due amount plus some. In other words, if you are $125 past due on your gas bill, try making a payment of $150 in order to start making a dent in the overdue amount you owe.

Focus on getting just one overdue bill paid off at a time and then moving on to another bill. Start with the bill you owe the least amount of money on so that getting it paid off is attainable. When you have been able to bring the first bill current, you can then move on to bringing another bill current using the same technique.

The most important thing to come to terms with is that you will be making sacrifices in order to bring this plan to fruition. Accept the fact that you will not be able to spend money on any luxuries for the next six months or so. It may seem like torture, but remember that it is important to get your bills brought current so that you don’t have financial worries weighing you down. The relief you will feel when everything is paid will be worth it, and being financially responsible will give you a sense of accomplishment.

If you find that this plan is unmanageable for you, and you are simply unable to break even after several months of attempts, your next step is to turn to Veitengruber Law for help. We can restructure your debts so that they are manageable and you can once again live within your means.

We will gladly work with you to streamline your outstanding bills and credit card debts, and we will negotiate lower interest rates that you may be paying on any loans. Reaching out to utility companies is something that we do all the time. We’ll talk with them for you and negotiate affordable payment plans that work for your income. Lastly, we’ll sit down with you to help you establish a reasonable spending budget so that you don’t have this problem again in the future.

George Veitengruber, Esq. will meet with you to discuss your financial goals this year and will create a customized credit card and utility bill repair plan for you. It’s never too late, so don’t give up! If you’ve lost all hope and think that hiring an attorney is completely out of your budget, give us a call. We guarantee that you will not suffer from sticker shock.

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