Did Hurricane Sandy Push You into Bankruptcy?

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If you were in the direct path of the eye of Hurricane Sandy, chances are good that your property was damaged in some way. Many people suffered from the effects of high winds that caused structural damage to their homes, while others closest to the coast or in low-lying areas were inundated with flood waters. Some people are now dealing with the aftermath of both wind and flood damage, and some homes were quite simply annihilated. What this means for quite a large number of people is that their homes aren’t the only things that were ruined.

As the relief efforts to restore areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy reach their limits, residents are starting to assess their own financial ability to finish what the volunteers have started.  For more than a few people, the outlook is grim.

Passionate volunteer groups like Kiwanis Club of New Jersey Young Professionals and the American Red Cross have done and continue to do what they can in terms of clean up and donations to the families who were displaced due to the storm. However, as most residents are now realizing, there is only so much that even the most passionate donors and volunteer groups can do. There is a limit to the help that can be given, even though these groups would do more if they could.

The combination of the assistance that has graciously been given by groups from around the country plus the financial aid of homeowner’s insurance has helped so many people get back on their feet.  Some people, however, were struggling before the storm hit, and are now finding it next to impossible to get back to anywhere near ‘normal.’ If you fall into this group, and you simply can’t seem to recover from the effects of this storm no matter how much help you have been given, it’s time to consult a bankrupcy attorney to see what your options are.

If you were struggling financially before Sandy, rebounding is going to be extra tough. Were you out of work prior to the storm? Maybe the effects of the storm put you out of work because your place of business was destroyed. Although it’s true that the storm created some temporary work in terms of relief efforts, many jobs were simply erased because of office buildings/restaurants/factories being damaged beyond repair.  Many of these businesses are now declaring bankruptcy, and maybe you should, too.

If you’ve given it the old college try, and you can’t seem to pull yourself above the figurative water line, you’ll need to talk to someone who knows first-hand what you’ve been going through.

Here at Veitengruber Law, not only are we located directly in Sandy’s path, but our employees were part of the volunteer relief efforts.  We experienced the storm and the aftermath first hand, and we also know how to help you recover further by wiping your debts clean and starting fresh.

If Sandy’s got you in dire straights, rest assured that we can help you get back on the path to a normal life again. We’re also willing to waive our consultation fee for anyone affected by the storm. We’re here to help, in more ways than one.

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