The Financial Planner and the CPA: How We Can Help You

As a financial planners, we know that you are always looking at the big picture in order to increase your client’s income by helping them with wise investment strategies in the stock market and money market accounts. You’re also looking to the future by assisting them with retirement planning that will make their later years comfortable. Most good financial planners also have a good handle on their client’s budget and savings plans, and many are also keeping track of things like life insurance policies and estate planning.

As a financial planner,  you are always on the lookout for ways to adjust your strategies so that they will best benefit your client. Not to mention that you have to be prepared as your client’s financial requirements change over the years, and you may be faced with challenges that seem insurmountable at times.

Rather than throwing your hands up when dealing with a client with a difficult financial history, consider working with an attorney who is experienced in credit repair and/or loan modification. Attorneys specializing in these areas can work closely with you to improve your client’s financial profile, giving them a better chance at a good retirement savings in the future. Credit repair attorneys (also called bankruptcy attorneys) know exactly how to cut a few interest points off of a mortgage loan, bring down credit card balances to reasonable levels (sometimes even erasing the debt altogether), and improve credit scores.

How can Veitengruber Law help CPAs?

As a profession that sometimes gets lumped in with financial planners, a CPA’s goals are still to improve a client’s income.  As a CPA, however, we realize that your primary focus is to ensure that your client’s tax needs are taken care of.  Your clients are usually dealing with complicated tax forms that include schedules and the potential for massive deductions.  Essentially, your goal is to increase your client’s income by keeping their tax payout as low as possible.

Another duty you may perform as a CPA is researching ways to save a small business or large corporation money or perhaps creating financial plans for them to make them look more appealing to investors.  As you are bound by a code of ethics, you are required to give sound advice at all times.  In order to ensure that you are consistently providing your clients with the most ethical and beneficial financial advice, you, too, should consider working closely with an attorney experienced in credit repair.

As attorneys, we are also bound by a code of ethics. Whether you are a financial planner or a CPA, by working together with Veitengruber Law, we can create the best financial profile for your client – whether it is an individual or a corporation. We can assist you with negotiating any existing debts owed by your client, filing for bankruptcy in order to start fresh, and modifying home or business loans.

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